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Life Insurance Myths

Life Insurance Myths

Life insurance can be one of the most avoided topics for anyone to address with people they care about. We all know why. No one wants to think about their death or the death of a loved one. And because of these negative thoughts about our mortality, some myths have sprouted throughout the years to make its reputation even worse. BHR Life believes in planning; planning for life and for death, but in a positive manner. Let’s see if we can’t clear up some of these myths now.

  • 1. I don’t need to worry about my health. As in, we’ve all seen the commercials and advertising for guaranteed policies, no matter what your health status is. These policies pay very little for the first 2 years after death, and it doesn’t go up much after that either. Typically, they might cover the funeral. That’s about it. Your loved ones will never be “taken care of” with one of these quickie policies. Purchasing a policy while your health is at its best is the most practical and beneficial way of taking care of your family.

  • 2. Working with many agents saves money. Insurance experts recommend working with just one agent who will work hand in hand with you, review your situation, and get you the best policies available. If you’ve ever sat in a circle and played “Telephone”, you know that information can never be complete and accurate with too many people involved.

  • 3. Life insurance gets cheaper as you get older. This is not true, especially for worthwhile policies. Medical exams get harder as you get older as well, leaving some openings for higher premiums or smaller pay outs in the end. The earlier you get started with a life insurance policy, the better.

At The BHR Life Companies, we know this is a sensitive topic and we strive to make all options available to our clients. Did we not cover something you’re concerned or have questions about? Call us today or click here to reach out and get in touch with us.

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