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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate planning may not be anyone’s favorite subject, but it is a necessary one, especially in terms of large estates. Planning ahead can avoid your estate being tied up in probate court for years on end and furthering your family suffering from your loss.

estate planning

Anticipating and arranging the disposition of an estate eliminates uncertainties. It can also maximize the value of the estate when done properly, including reducing taxes and other expenses. Within a structured plan, you can make allowances for healthcare directives and a living will so that your final wishes are heard and carried out according to your preferences.

Power of attorney over finances, living trusts, buying insurance and making gifts can all be handled under estate planning.
This is not limited to a personal home or a single bank account, it is also crucial when transferring a business from one generation to another, also including tax efficient strategies, legal, accounting and insurance issues.
In order to be in control of now and later, you must devise a plan of how you want your estate handled so that it never falls into hands that won’t have your interest at heart.

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